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At Vita Nova Massage, I pride myself on maintaining a clean environment. From doorknobs and chairs to the massage table itself, I clean and disinfect everything. Click here to read my Covid-19 cleaning protocols.  


Each session is prioritized with some time to learn about your goals and massage preferences. It's also important to be aware of any current or new health conditions or allergies so we can plan accordingly. To complete your paperwork, click here.


Periodic communication during the session is encouraged so that I can adjust anything to your comfort level. Not all clients want to be dug into or use tools like hot towels and cupping. Some people only want light pressure Swedish. I work with you to figure out what's best. It can vary for each massage. 


Toni is fantastic, I have been going to her for quite some time and a repeat/happy client. She always makes it a point to remember the details of your personal preferences to ensure you have the best experience on her table. It’s always a relief to know I have a session booked with her - she goes in tough on the areas you need her to go hard in and you always walk out feeling relaxed and relieved from pain.

Her place is spotless and clean to make for a worry free and relaxing massage. Would recommend her across the board! Extremely professional and responsive when coordinating appointments.

- Shelby Garland


Barefoot massage is said to originate from India. The modality then spread to Asia and other parts of the world. A massage therapist named Ruthie Hardee traveled the globe as a young girl with her parents. During that time, she observed different forms of barefoot massage. Years down the road, she blended these styles with her ideas into what we call Ashiatsu. 

Ashiatsu is for clients who prefer lots of pressure in their massages. Compared to a hand and elbow, a barefoot offers broad contact and glides easily over bony landmarks like the spine while simultaneously working on the surrounding muscle.


The client is first introduced to touch with compressions. Then warmed up with Swedish techniques to prevent muscle guarding. Next, knuckles, elbows, and forearms are used gradually while easing into a deeper pressure to help relieve tension and stress. 

Deep tissue massage is not supposed to be painful. A feel-good pain is fine, but anything that causes you to flinch or excessively breathe through it is counterproductive. "No pain, no gain." is a myth. There is no evidence to show that being aggressive is more effective. I prefer to go deeply and gently.

Deep Tissue
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This style is known as fluff & buff, relaxation massage, and sleep massage. The gentle kneading, long gliding strokes, knuckling, and light stretching can be very soothing. Firm pressure can be applied, but many clients choose light-medium. Deep tissue fans tend to write off this style, but it can be just as therapeutic and is the canvas to many modalities.

With all massage styles, we are engaging the nervous system through touch. Some clients respond better to light pressure Swedish, some to deeper and slower work, and others prefer a combination of styles.




Smooth basalt stones are heated to the perfect temperature to massage with. The sensation can make it feel as if your muscles are being melted, allowing for ultra relaxation and pain relief. This service is for clients who want many stones used in a Swedish/Deep Tissue session. 

Hot Stone

Cupping adds a different type of sensation for relaxation and pain relief. The suction pressure can be adjusted as needed. My cupping style is slow and gentle. I try not leave any marks or bruising, but certain skin types will react differently. In many of the popular photos of cupping, people boast about their bruising. In reality all that's occurring is the capillaries aka tiny blood vessels being broken from intense suction. There is no concrete evidence that massage or cupping can increase circulation, release muscles/fascia, reduce cellulite, or increase flexibility. The goal is to create a pleasant sensory experience that relaxes you and your nervous system. 

Beautiful pregnant brunette woman with long hair enjoying back massage in a beautician roo

Pregnancy massage can help reduce round ligament pain, sciatica, back pain, aching joints, and improve sleep. Swedish techniques can coax the body into a relaxed state, followed by deep tissue to relieve tension. If you don't want to be dug into, we can then do a classic Swedish relaxation massage. Throughout the session we can adjust positioning for your comfort. Some mamas can only lay on their side and some can be on their stomach into the third trimester with my prenatal cushion. It will vary since every pregnancy is different.

Always consult your doctor or midwife first before receiving prenatal massage. Uncontrolled pregnancy complications like preeclampsia or gestational diabetes can be worsened by massage. Because of an increased risk for Deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) during pregnancy, calf, bicep, and inner thigh massage is applied lightly or skipped. Also, Ashiatsu is avoided during pregnancy as it can be an exceeding amount of pressure on a pregnant body experiencing so much change in a short amount of time.


"Massage therapy is not safe during the first trimester." 

Here are the facts: Eighty percent of miscarriages occur during the first trimester. There is no evidence that massages can cause one. Also, many pregnant people do not even know they are expecting until they're further along. 

"Massage therapy can induce labor with acupressure points."

Again, there is no evidence to support this. From my personal experience, I went to receive "inducing" adjustments and massages. I was still a week late. So this means deep foot and hand massages are completely safe throughout your pregnancy. :)

When booking, select any service except Ashiatsu. If you are a new client, please describe your pregnancy in the paperwork. 

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