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At Vita Nova Massage, I pride myself on maintaining a clean environment. From doorknobs and chairs to the massage table itself, I clean and disinfect everything. Click here to read my Covid-19 cleaning protocols.  


Each session is prioritized with some time to learn about your goals and massage preferences. It's also important to be aware of any current or new health conditions or allergies so we can plan accordingly. To complete your paperwork, click here.


Periodic communication during the session is encouraged so that I can adjust anything to your comfort level. I work with you to figure out what's best. It can vary for each massage. 


Toni is fantastic, I have been going to her for quite some time and a repeat/happy client. She always makes it a point to remember the details of your personal preferences to ensure you have the best experience on her table. It’s always a relief to know I have a session booked with her - she goes in tough on the areas you need her to go hard in and you always walk out feeling relaxed and relieved from pain.

Her place is spotless and clean to make for a worry free and relaxing massage. Would recommend her across the board! Extremely professional and responsive when coordinating appointments.

- Shelby Garland


Barefoot massage is said to originate from India. The modality then spread to Asia and other parts of the globe. Eventually, it's introduced to the Western world as Ashiatsu, where the massage therapist holds onto bars suspended from the ceiling. Compared to a hand and elbow, a barefoot offers broad contact and glides easily over bony landmarks like the spine while simultaneously working on the surrounding tissues. Some clients may not like the idea of the therapist standing above them, but this treatment is safer to receive than driving. Because I seamlessly integrate this into my fusion massages, most clients cannot tell when I use it. 


 Full breast/chest gets integrated into a full body massage with verbal client consent and annual written consent. I don't work with too much breast tissue unless it's a specific focus area, but I move them around to access and treat the chest wall. It can help clients with mastectomies for cancer treatment or prevention, breast reductions, breast augmentation, and gender-affirming mastectomies. As well as for clients experiencing fibrocystic breast tissue, menstrual-related tenderness, and muscle pain or weakness in their chest, shoulders, and neck. 

I have nipple covers or chest drapes for clients who want to experience the work with more coverage. In WA State, you can have your upper torso uncovered the whole session with informed and written consent. It could be a stepping stone for those warming up to the idea. Overall, this work can be beneficial for anyone open to it. 

Full Breast/Chest Massage

The massage therapist utilizes their whole body to massage and stretch the client. I may sit, kneel, stand, and get under or over the client while using my knees, shins, and feet to massage. Communication is crucial as this work can be very intimate. My instructor, Luisa Vargas, created this style, and it is called LV7 Sports Massage. It is faster-paced than mine and includes more stretches and movements. Her video below can help show some techniques I will incorporate into the deep fusion massage.



Intra-oral massage, also known as buccal massage, treats muscles inside of the mouth. This massage is helpful for clients experiencing teeth grinding, TMJ disorder, headaches, or any other jaw, neck, or facial tension. It can get integrated into a full-body massage for added relaxation and treatment. Annual written consent and verbal consent are collected before receiving this. 


*In this photo, I didn't wear a mask because we were posed here quickly.

During an actual intra-oral massage, I will wear a mask and fresh gloves. 


The gliding and negative pressure of cupping is another tool to help achieve relaxation and treatment goals. Some compare it to myofascial work. I like to integrate it into focus areas for an enhanced sensory experience. It can be as gentle or intense as the client needs. Cupping can help identify potential areas of tissue tension. Not all clients will enjoy this. And for some health conditions, it is contraindicated. Marks or bruising may appear, but I try to avoid this with dynamic cupping and communication. 


Smooth stones are heated to the perfect temperature to massage with. The sensation can make it feel like your muscles are getting melted, allowing for ultra relaxation and pain relief. The stones help warm and treat focus areas. I use them individually or simultaneously while massaging other areas using different limbs.​

Hot Stones

 Warm oil is applied with Swedish glides. Knuckles, elbows, and forearms get used to gradually ease into a deeper pressure to help relieve tension and stress. My knees or shins generally rest on an area of the body while I use my hands for detailed Swedish deep tissue work on another part. I no longer offer Swedish Deep Tissue by itself as it was damaging my hands and wrists. Everything is blended. 

Massages are not supposed to be painful. It's counterproductive if you're flinching. The saying, "No pain, no gain." is a myth. There is no evidence to show that being more aggressive is more effective. I prefer to go deeply and gently. With all massage styles, we are engaging the nervous system through touch. Some clients respond better to lighter pressure, and some to deeper or slower work. A mix is preferred by most. 

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