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Some Things To Consider About Draping


It is very important for both of us to feel as comfortable, relaxed, and as secure as possible during your session. One of the things that can cause some unease is the amount and type of draping used during the session. My hope is that the information here will help with any unease and help you decide what level of draping is best for you. 


The style of massage that I do generally uses less draping than your basic Western massage styles. It is stylistically based on massage styles from Asia, Latin America, and Hawaii, and lets us use long, full-body strokes to treat the muscles in your neck, back, arms, hips, glutes, legs, feet, and toes as one separate-but-definitely-continuous and integrated group of muscles.


Using less restrictive draping makes the massage more fluid and flowing. However, you are free to choose how much or how little draping is used for your massage and you can change your draping preferences any time that you want to. 


Your first choice is whether you want to wear undergarments. If it is not a personal modesty issue, then I recommend not wearing any as they tend to interrupt my long full-body flows and limit the work I can do on the glutes and hip rotators.  However, this is a choice I leave completely up to you and I want to make sure you feel comfortable with it. I will make sure that are you covered to your desired level of modesty throughout the massage with a sheet or Lomi towels or however, you specifically request. Which brings us to your next choice…. 


Type of draping-

You are free to choose how much or how little draping is used for your massage. Please look at the picture below to give you a visual idea of some of the draping choices that are available. The green represents a sheet and the white represents a cloth towel. The draping to the left of each set is the most modest/clinical but does not allow for the most thorough and uninterrupted fusion massage experience – whereas the draping to the right does but is obviously less modest.


The most important consideration is that you feel safe, relaxed, and completely comfortable with your choice so that you can thoroughly enjoy your massage.


Draping Text & Image Borrowed & Used with Permission from my instructor, Joe Lavin, owner of Touch Factor Massage, Thank you Joe!

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