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My practice has changed from Western draping and modalities to more styles from Asia, Latin America, and Hawaii. It involves less draping with continuous flowing and melting contact throughout the body. However, we can make changes throughout the massage to ensure you feel safe and comfortable. 

I always recommend receiving a massage with no clothes, including undergarments and minimal draping. It creates a fluid and flowing massage. While that is my preference, I believe in client-centered care, which means listening and adjusting to my client's needs. My thorough paperwork and verbal intake help ensure this. From head to toe, we will cover any potential areas to avoid or how much draping to use.


During any point in the massage, we can re-drape, stop a particular treatment, or terminate the session because your comfort and safety come first.



Draping Selection Image Borrowed & Used with Permission from my instructor, Joe Lavin, owner of Touch Factor Massage,

Thank you, Joe!

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