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A 50% deposit is due for the first session from new clients, and all clients must have a current credit card on file. I have this to reduce no-shows and late cancellations outside my 48-hour cancellation policy. Thank you for understanding. 

After-hours urgent-care massages during weekdays and weekend is an additional $100 to the current rates. Availability varies. This offer is not on my booking site and is by request only. If I don't respond to inquiries, I may be out with family for the day or weekend. My standard hours of operation are Tuesday-Friday 8:30 am- 4:30 pm. 

I accept gratuities, but I don't ask for or expect them. Clients who regularly leave gratuities can have a tipping screen displayed after each session. If the card on file is current, payments can be made conveniently and contactless. Tipping is not allowed on HSA or FSA cards as it is considered insurance. While I don't bill insurance, I can provide a receipt for reimbursement. Your doctor may need to give you a prescription for massage. I would need a copy of this before your appointment. Always check your coverage first. Cash payments and gratuities are still accepted; please have the exact change. I also offer various payment options for your preferences, including credit, debit, Venmo, Cash App: @vitanovamassage and Zelle: (253)-455-3491. Checks get accepted from established clients. I can provide a receipt for each method. 


Traditional & new styles are seamlessly blended to create an empowering, nurturing & therapeutic massage. Toni applies broad melting pressure with her feet (Ashiatsu), shins, & knees. Hands, elbows, & tools get used for detailed deep tissue work with a splash of Latin-Thai bodywork. Pressure accommodations are available throughout. See "Ingredients" for the modalities that may get mixed into a session. 

Beautiful pregnant brunette woman with long hair enjoying back massage in a beautician roo

Prenatal massages are not so different from the signature blended massages. Specific techniques get avoided for safety purposes. Throughout the session, we can adjust the pressure & position to the client's comfort with a specialized table & and cushions. This service is for all trimesters. Select the fusion massage when booking. The session will still get modified for prenatal. 


Always consult your doctor or midwife first before receiving a prenatal massage. Uncontrolled pregnancy complications like preeclampsia or gestational diabetes can be worsened by massage. Because of an increased risk for Deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) during pregnancy, calf, bicep, and inner thigh massage is applied lightly or skipped.


"Massage therapy is not safe during the first trimester." 

Here are the facts: Eighty percent of miscarriages occur during the first trimester. There is no evidence that massages can cause one. Also, many pregnant people do not even know they are expecting until they're further along. 

"Massage therapy can induce labor with acupressure points."

Again, there is no evidence to support this. From my personal experience, I went to receive "inducing" adjustments and massages. I was still a week late. 

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