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No-shows or cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment get charged the entire original service amount. And this includes rescheduling, refusing to complete required paperwork, or wanting to shorten your session. Being over 30 minutes late or inappropriate is an automatically charged cancellation. A non-refundable 50% deposit is due for the first session upon booking. It gets sent by invoice. Payment is due at the end of every session. Unless paying with another form of payment, the credit card on file gets billed for all future transactions. The non-refundable 50% deposit is applied again if it's been six months since the last session.  

*Please note: I am a sole practitioner. I only generate an income when giving massages. Unforeseen cancellations are a huge loss to my business. There is an exception to the cancellation fee if YOU can find someone to take your appointment.



In Washington State, massage therapy falls under healthcare. It is required to collect your name, address, birth date, consent, and information about your health. If the link isn't working, please let me know asap. Your session may get rescheduled if it's not completed 24 hours before your appointment. New allergies or sensitivities to lotions and oils may not get substituted without enough notice. All fields require an answer, or it will not submit. It only needs to be completed once by new clients. New paperwork gets requested from existing clientele on occasion. It ensures that we are aware of any health and studio policy changes. Before seeking massage therapy, consult your doctor, especially if you have a health condition, recent injury, or surgery. 



There are various draping styles throughout the world. In WA State, draping is mandatory, with the genitals remaining covered. And consent is required for certain draping and massage styles. Toni and the client will discuss draping before the massage. It helps build trust and security for both therapist and client. During the massage, Toni will check in with the client. At any time, the client can change their draping to be conservative. Written consent is only needed before the session if the client wants less draping. Toni may use more conservative draping depending on the client and massage styles involving movement and stretching. There is no genital or perineal massage (massaging tissues between the anus and genitals). Any illicit or sexual innuendos or advances will result in the termination of the session. And you will be liable for full payment. To maintain professional boundaries set by the law, the massage therapist does not date clients. 

All communication between you and the massage therapist, such as conversations during sessions, phone calls, texts, email, and letters, is confidential under the constraints of the law. It also applies to any session documentation and intake forms. These get deleted or safely secured in a locked closet and password-protected devices/accounts. 


Gift certificates get sold in dollar amounts. They are not exchangeable for cash. In Washington State, gift certificates do not expire unless donated to a raffle, auction, and other events. If Vita Nova Massage's rates increase before a gift certificate is redeemed, the recipient may have a remaining balance to pay with another form of payment. Gift certificate recipients must reserve their appointment with a credit card on file per the cancellation policy.  Gift certificates are forfeited if the recipient does not cancel within 48 hours. Or the credit card on file gets charged. The massage therapist must verify the authenticity of the physical gift certificate or e-gift card. If not, another form of payment is needed. A receipt or picture of the certificate does not qualify. Vita Nova Massage PLLC is not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates. 


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