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 At Vita Nova Massage, which translates to "New Life," I create a relaxing and therapeutic massage for clients needing pain and stress management. With over five years of experience and continuing education, I can blend many techniques to benefit a client's goals. No session will ever be the same. From stretching to hot stones, cupping, and deep-tissue movements, I mix and match until you find your zen. I focus on your breathing and changes in muscle tone to guide me as well as periodic communication.

My practice is inside a wellness center called The Healing House. It's a beautiful and safe space filled with many independent beauticians and practitioners. At this time, I am a one-woman operation and a new mama. I appreciate your patience and understanding in replying to inquiries. 




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Toni seamlessly blends a variety of techniques and tools to create massage sessions that are relaxing yet therapeutic. She will listen to your needs and make adjustments throughout to recharge your body & mind.




For quite some time, I viewed massages as a luxury that you merely signed up for occasionally to treat yourself. Of course, that entire thought process became obsolete when I met Toni. First and foremost, I thoroughly believe that there are two types of people that write reviews; the irate online warrior and the enamored messenger. I am one of the many enamored messengers that finds it imperative to give praise where it is due. Toni is one of the most professional, considerate, and informative massage therapists that I've encountered. Undoubtedly, her prices are enticing, but her services are priceless. Book a session today; there's no reason to hesitate!

- Khrys Dent