Please respect my time as I charge a 100% cancellation fee for no show or no call within 24 hours of your scheduled session.  Clients who are more than 15 minutes late will have to reschedule and pay for the whole session.  Coupon, packages, and gift certificate are still required to book online with a card on file and failure to show up or to reschedule within the allotted time will result in the loss of the coupon, package, or gift certificate. Sudden illness will requires a doctor's note. General I-5 traffic, forgetting about your appointment, etc. cannot be excused, please plan accordingly. I enjoy working on all of you, but I do need to make a living and so I appreciate your cooperation :) UPDATED 10/1/18


WA State Law requires draping during a massage session. Massaging areas such as the chest, breasts, and glutes will require additional consent forms. Any sexual innuendos, gestures, and advances from the client will result in termination of the service and you will be liable for full payment of the session. The authorities may be notified as well. 

Any information collected at the studio, like your health intake, contact information, and SOAP Chart Notes are only visible to you and me within the constraints of the law. Any information collected through this website from you will only be used to personalize your experience, improve my website, improve customer service, to book sessions, and to send periodic emails. I do not disclose any information to outside parties. By using my site, you consent to my privacy policy. Updated 04/18/18


Gift certificates are sold in dollar amounts and cannot be exchanged for cash. In WA state, gift certificates do not expire unless they were donated to a raffle, auction, etc. The value may, if the giver intended for the amount to be used for a certain service, meaning if my rates change and if the recipient waits a year or longer to use it then they will have to pay any remaining balance via card or cash (I promise this doesn't happen often). If you have received a gift certificate, you still have to reserve the appointment with a credit card on file, because I need to check the authenticity of the certificate at checkout. If you forget it or lose it (a receipt of purchase and/or a picture of the gift certificate does not qualify as a gift certificate), then you will have to pay with card or cash. You wouldn't go to a store or restaurant demanding free merchandise and food without having the actual gift card... same applies here. Any cancellations made without 24 hours notice or no-shows will result in the gift certificate amount being forfeited instead of your card being charged. Thank you for understanding. 


 If you would like more information or to book over the phone please email me to schedule a phone consultation. I generally check my emails at the end of the day. Depending on my schedule, same-day or next-day appointments are book-online only.







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