The best full-body deep tissue massage is in 90 minutes and 120 minutes. The body first needs to be introduced to touch with compressions and warmed up with Swedish techniques to prevent muscle guarding. Next, knuckles, elbows, and forearms are used gradually while easing into a deeper pressure to break down any tension. Trigger point therapy is also applied to decrease referral pains.


Deep tissue massage is not supposed to be painful. A feel good-pain is fine, but anything that causes you to flinch or excessively breathe through it is counterproductive. "No pain, no gain." is a myth. There is no evidence to show that being aggressive is more effective. I prefer to go deeply and gently. 


Swedish massage is very relaxing. This medium to fast-paced style involves kneading, long gliding strokes, knuckling, and light stretching. Many believe it's all fluff and buff, but it's therapeutic as well. The pressure can be light, medium, or firm. We are engaging the nervous system through touch. Some clients respond better to light pressure Swedish, some to deeper and slower work, and others prefer a combination of styles. 



While holding onto bars suspended from the ceiling, I use my feet to apply broad, deep strokes onto the body. The benefits are the same for hands-on massage. Many clients select this modality if they would like extra pressure. It is not safe for prenatal massage. 



Smooth basalt stones are heated to the perfect temperature for massaging the body. The heat warms the skin for a sedative effect which can allow deeper work. Multiple stones are not placed onto the body as shown in popular photos. This can cause burns and waste your session time to cool each individual stone. Many clients prefer that I massage with the stones. 

Hot stones are a $10 upgrade for full-body. When booking, please dismiss the 15-minute duration. It is a buffer time for cleaning the stones.

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Cupping is another tool for enhancing your session. Many clients say it's a weird sensation, but they enjoy it. There is no concrete evidence that cupping or any style of massage therapy can increase circulation, release muscles, or reduce cellulite. With bodywork, we are only engaging the nervous system by touching the skin. If the experience is positive for the brain, the client may feel pain relief and reduce anxiety and depression. 

This is a $10 upgrade for full body. When booking, please dismiss the 15-minute duration. It is a buffer time for cleaning the cups. 



Pregnancy massage can help reduce round ligament pain, sciatica, back pain, aching joints, and improve sleep. Swedish techniques coax the body into a relaxed state, followed by deep tissue to break down any tension. If you don't want any digging, then we will stick to a classic Swedish relaxation massage. Ashiatsu is avoided during pregnancy as it can be an exceeding amount of pressure on a pregnant body experiencing so much change in a short amount of time.During intake, I will ask if you have been comfortable laying on either your side, stomach, or back. Some mamas can only lie on their side for the entirety of the massage. Others may prefer to use a pregnancy cushion so they can lay on their stomach for half of the session. Adjustments can always be made throughout for comfort. Always consult your doctor or midwife before receiving a prenatal massage. Uncontrolled pregnancy complications, like preeclampsia or gestational diabetes, can be worsened by a massage. 

"Massage therapy is not safe during the first trimester."  

Here are the facts: Eighty percent of miscarriages occur during the first trimester. There is no evidence that massages can cause one. Also, many pregnant people do not even know they are expecting until they're further along.


"Massage therapy can induce labor with acupressure points"

Again, there is no evidence to support this. From my personal experience, I went to receive "inducing" adjustments and massages. I was still a week late. Thought it was still nice to try.

So this means foot and hand massage are completely safe throughout your pregnancy. :)



Incorporate or add on a cold stone facial massage to help clear your sinuses and relief from migraines. I massage your face with ice cold marble stones and apply headache trigger point work. 

This is a $10 upgrade and can be incorporated into any session. When booking, please dismiss the 15 minute duration as this is a buffer time for cleaning the stones or text (253)-455-3491 to see if it can be added two hours prior to your appointment.

**** Due to Covid-19, this service is temporarily unavailable.